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Go To Recording Tools Course - Extra Resources Below


Resources for the hardware, software and services you need to get the most out of this course.

You can get started with the course, and not use all of these items, but I do and you will want most if not all when you see success from your efforts. Please take action!

1. Get a account

2. Domain Names for only $8.95 Own lots of domains, you will needseveral blogs and websites to be effective.

3. Cheap web hosting Get the business shared account.

4. Wordpress site setup We will design and setup a Wordpress website with your customer header on your hosting account for only $250

5. FREE Word press training

6. Camtasia, Movie Studio if you don t already own them. Well worth it to own.

7. USB Microphone for a discount

8. ImTooSoftware Any Video Converter

9. Kunaki the place to order DVDs and CDs on demand get a free account today

10. Amember membership software when you want to start a membership site

11. Free shopping cart plugin for Wordpress

12. Merchant accounts &

13. Paypal

14. Amazon S3 for video and file storage


Any questions, email me and I will help.

All the best,

Mike Stewart